Peter Brotherhood Parts Supply

Announcing our Asset Management service

We are introducing our new asset management scheme, for management of your critical strategic spare parts. We are very pleased to now offer our customers an alternative to traditional purchase of capital spares that will address the operational risk of not having a critical spare part available when it is needed. We guarantee the availability of operationally critical spare parts over an agreed period for your machine.

You have the option of a quarterly or annual fixed fee for the service which allows you to spread the cost of high value capital spares over durations of up to 5 years to avoid the need for high initial capital expenditure and providing the option to build the cost into your operational budget.

At the end of the period the parts will be fully owned by you, as well as the option for us to continue to manage them for you under a managed storage agreement or delivered to a location of your choice.


  • Guaranteed availability of critical spares to reduce operational risk
  • No high initial capital expenditure
    All aspects of correct storage are managed for you
  • Flexible options on duration and payments allowing you to select the best option for your operational budget
  • Optional locations for storage globally depending on your specific needs and site location
  • Warranty starts when the spare is delivered to the customer

All customers taking a Customer Care Agreement or using our Asset Management service, receive discounted rates on any additional services they purchase during the term of the agreement. The level of discount increases based upon the service products selected.

For more information and to receive a proposal, please visit our customer care configurator