Peter Brotherhood and ABC Compressors

Peter Brotherhood forges alliance with Spanish engineering and manufacturing company

Peter Brotherhood is joining forces with a Spanish engineering and manufacturing business to help drive growth in the international compressors market.

The 151-year-old Peterborough engineering company, which is part of Avingtrans PLC, is forming a strategic alliance with ABC Compressors which is based in Eibar, Northern Spain.

The collaboration will give Peter Brotherhood greater access to new global markets including Europe and Latin America, and the aftercare market as well as strengthening its wider supply chain. The joint alliance will also create benefits such as reduced costs, improved efficiencies and give customers easier access to a wider choice of products.

Peter Brotherhood designs and manufactures larger compressors compared to those made by ABC. This means both companies have complementary capabilities which they will be able to capitalise on jointly in the energy sector, in particular oil and gas.

Greg Harding, general manager at Peter Brotherhood, said: “This alliance is a statement of our intent to grow the business well into the 2020s. It’s a new chapter and is strategically important for our business. The two companies will be able to consolidate commercial opportunities from design and manufacturing through to the after sales market.

“The company’s skilled workforce, technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities here at our 11,000 sq metre site in Peterborough are well placed to exploit these new opportunities.  We have an exciting 12 months ahead as we begin to put the first stages of the strategy in place and look forward to a long-term alliance with ABC.”

Austen Adams, managing director of Avingtrans’ Process Solutions and Rotating Equipment division, said: “Peter Brotherhood and ABC share the same vision to grow in the compressors market which make them suitable bedfellows. The alliance will create a vehicle for new revenue streams and allow both companies to pool their respective technical and operational strengths.”

Carlos Martín, CEO of ABC Compressors, said: “This alliance is clear evidence of the strategy of both companies in the Oil & Gas industry, a way to strengthen their presence and develop new markets.

“Two companies with more than 200 years of history between them means a wide experience in the compressors manufacturing industry, and considering the differences between our products there is no risk of cannibalisation, but considering other similarities, we found a really win-win situation.”

Peter Brotherhood has built an international reputation for the design and manufacture of steam turbines and combined heat and power systems for the energy sector.